Singer Songwriter / Vocal Trainer / Recording Artist based in Greece.


Education and seminars
Pevoc 14, Pan-European Voice Conference, 24-27 August, Tallinn, Estonia
Somatic Voicework The LoVetri Method
Levels 1, 2 & 3
Guest speaker @ Ethniko Odeio of Athens. Theme : "Introduction to Extreme Vocal effects".
3rd seminar "Teaching voice for specialists" by Panos Dimas, 28/05/2022
ARTience Voice Weekend Athens, 26-27 Μarch
Beginning of the Voice Pedagogy MA degree at University of Wales Trinity Saint David in cooperation with Voice Study Centre (
I completed the BAST Training 20 Hour Course in April 2021. For more information on the course please visit
Vocal Health First Aider (
Vocology In Practise Virtual Voice Conference, 12-14 March
ΒAST training for singing teachers, with Line Hilton (
Rock and Metal vocals online seminar. Introduction to vocal effects, CVT based (by authorised CVT teachers Tamara Pientka & Adi Bitran).
Seminar by İlter Denizoğlu "Doctor Vox".
Numerous Singing Revealed livestream seminars with various guest speakers (Melanie Tapson, Kerrie Obert, Heidi Moss-Erickson, Matt Edwards, Line Hilton, Philippe Hall, Korel Tunador, Nicole Gill, Wolfgang Saus, Aramat Arnheim-Sharon etc).
Webinar "Scream" with Melissa Cross.
"Meet your voice" seminar at ΣΕΛΛΕ (Speechtherapists Association of Greece).
Extreme Voices seminar with Melissa Cross & Cathrine Sadolin at The British Voice Association at London.
Integrated Voice Therapy seminar with Elpida Koutsoubaki (1year).
Pevoc 13, Pan-European Voice Conference | 27th-30th August, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Webinar "Scream" with Melissa Cross.
2nd seminar circle of Teaching for voice specialists with Panos Dimas.
"My voice and me", technique and performing seminar with Panos Dimas.
Participation at the 4 day voice conference for voice specialists P.E.V.O.C 12 (Pan-European Voice Conferences), Cherishing Cross Fertilizing Worlds.
Zen Of Screaming seminar by Melissa Cross October 17th - 20th, Stockholm, Sweden.
Pop Academy of CODARTS University for the Arts. Title: Bachelor of Music. Major in Pop singing and teaching, minor in experimental singing. Teachers: Harjo Pasveer, Simone Roerade, Brian Zalmijn.
1 year course for advanced singers at the Complete Vocal Technique Institute. Course included: “extreme”use of voice such as growlingdistortion, rattle that are often used in metal and hardcore music. Teachers: Søren Møller, Christina Kürstein Lecocq, Michelle Sanders.
Complete Vocal Technique master class with Cathrine Sadolin, Utrecht/The Netherlands.
1st year Jazz Department at ARTEZ Conservatory of Arnhem/The Netherlands. Teachers: Jolande Geven, Ineke Van Doorn, Mieke Doeschot.
New Bulgarian University, Master class with Milcho Leviev and Vicky Almazidu.
Jazz lessons with Vicky Almazidu.
Classical Training at the Conservatory of Northern Greece. Level: 2nd Intermediate. Teacher: Marialena Panagiotopoulou.
Harmony Diploma from the Conservatory of Northern Greece.
Bachelor in Tourism from the Technological Institute of Thessaloniki.
Professional Experience
Vocal Teacher / Vocal Coach
Original score for the movie CHARLIE by Thanasis Tsaltampasis. Together with Gavriil Gavriilidis & Vasilis Gkoritsas.
Vocal Teacher at Vocalis vocal school.
"Black Days" by The Death Beats feat. Chrysa T.
Backing vocals for Helena Paparizou' x mas song "Christougenna Xana". |
Gigs with Spineless.
Gigs with Bella Fuzz, Petula Russ, Travel Mind Syndrome, Biotech.
Theatrical play "Playground" at Ilisia Volanakis Theater. Music by Chrysa Tsaltampasi and Ektoras Tsolakis.
Theatrical play "Love Kills", every Monday and Tuesday at Victoria Theater. Music by Chrysa Tsaltampasi and Ektoras Tsolakis.
Collaboration track "All my dreams" (electro fix) with dutch producer Tim Besamusca, is featured at "Delirium" TV show starring Emma Roberts and "Star Crossed" TV show.
Collaboration track "Wasteland" (Radical Project remix) with dutch producer Tim Besamusca is featured at TV show "Dos Lunas".
Collaboration track "Never" with Agent Greg out from Zero10records.
Collaboration track "Help me through" with Dj Spector.
Collaboration track "Reverie" with Three Way Plane.
Gigs with Bella Fuzz, Petula Russ and Biotech.
Collaboration track "All my dreams" (electro fix) with dutch producer Tim Besamusca, released by Urban Sickness Audio.
Bella Fuzz and Gabriel Russel co write the title song of the greek movie "Pempti kai 12".
Collaboration track "Have you ever" with Chris Idh out from Zero10records.
Collaboration track "Last step before" with Afformance.
Co writing of the soundtrack of Mega Channel's "Piso sto spiti" tv series and guest appearance as musician/actor.
“Sincere” and “Wasteland”, collaboration tracks with dutch producer Tim Besamusca, were used in the soundtracks of blockbuster Hollywood tv series “The secret circle” and “Beauty and the Beast”.
“Wasteland” was also featured as the soundtrack of “Otherland” gameplay trailer.
Vocal lessons at Holland and Greece.
Live gigs throughout Holland and Greece with NATIONAL PORNOGRAFIK και N3RSE supporting groups like Anathema, The Gathering, Antimatter, Amorphis, Senser, Brian Welsch (x KORN) etc.
Guest vocalist at many greek rock, metal, electro, postrock, punk groups like Afformance, Reflection, Free Fall, Jane Doe, Savage Land, Dihasmenes Alitheies, Blank Inverse, Petula Russ, Russel etc.
Jazz standards and selected greek songs at “Piano Bar”, Thessaloniki.
English and Greek rock repertoire at “Cafe Americaine” rock stage, vocals/guitar, Thessaloniki.