About me

I am a singer-songwriter / vocal trainer / recording artist based in Athens / Greece. In this section you will learn more about my educational and professional background. For a detailed list of my collaborations and my guest appearances, click here.

Diplomas & Teacher Trainings

  • BMus Pop Singing & Teaching, CODARTS University for the Arts
  • MA Voice Pedagogy, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, undergraduate
  • Harmony Diploma, Conservatory of Northern Greece
  • 1year course for Advanced Singers, Complete Vocal Institute
  • Somatic Voicework The LoVetri Method, Levels 1, 2 & 3
  • Integrated Voice Therapy, Levels 1, 2 & 3
  • Bast Training for Singing Teachers
  • Extreme Voices, Melissa Cross & Cathrine Sadolin
  • Zen of Screaming, Melissa Cross (In person)
  • Teaching for Voice Specialists, National Conservatory of Athens 
  • Vocal Health First Aider
  • Vocal Distortion Teacher Training, certified
  • Applied Neuroscience and Voice, Heidi Moss

Education & seminars

  • An audience with Sarah Algoet – Extreme vocals, Vocal Health Education
  • Applied Neuroscience and Voice by Heidi Moss, Voice Study Centre
  • 2nd Phoniatrics Masterclass
  • Voice Technique & Repertoire by Panos Dimas, 9 & 10 March, Athenaeum Conservatory
  • Theoretical and practical training workshop on dubbing, speaking, directing and translating dubbed series and films by Akindynos Gkikas, Open Theater.
  • Vocal Distortion Teacher Training by Nicolas Hormazabal, New York Vocal Coaching
  • False Vocal Folds : Truths and Fallacies by Kerrie Obert, Voice Study Centre
  • ARTience Voice Weekend Athens, 16-17 September
  • Vocals for the soundtrack and title song of greek tv series “Sta syrmata
  • 11th Estill World Voice Symposium, 2-4 August, Vienna, Austria
  • Introduction to Overtone Singing with Iannis Psalidakos @Playground, Athens
  • Guest speaker for Extreme Metal Vocals the The National Conservatory of Athens
  • 1st Phoniatrics Masterclass, Athens
  • Pevoc 14, Pan-European Voice Conference, 24-27 August, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Somatic Voicework The LoVetri Method, Levels 1, 2 & 3
  • Guest speaker for Extreme Metal Vocals the The National Conservatory of Athens
  • ARTience Voice Weekend Athens, 26-27 Μarch
  • Beginning of the Voice Pedagogy MA degree at University of Wales Trinity Saint David in cooperation with Voice Study Centre (www.voiceworkshop.co.uk)
  • I completed the BAST Training 20 Hour Course in April 2021. For more information on the course please visit www.basttraining.com
  • Vocal Health First Aider (www.vocalhealth.co.uk)
  • Vocology In Practise Virtual Voice Conference, 12-14 March
  • Rock and Metal vocals online seminar. Introduction to vocal effects, CVT based (by authorised CVT teachers Tamara Pientka & Adi Bitran).
  • Seminar by İlter Denizoğlu “Doctor Vox“.
  • Numerous Singing Revealed livestream seminars with various guest speakers (Melanie Tapson, Kerrie Obert, Heidi Moss-Erickson, Matt Edwards, Line Hilton, Philippe Hall, Korel Tunador, Nicole Gill, Wolfgang Saus, Aramat Arnheim-Sharon etc).
  • Webinar “Scream” with Melissa Cross.
  • Meet your voice” seminar at ΣΕΛΛΕ (Speechtherapists Association of Greece).
  • Extreme Voices seminar with Melissa Cross & Cathrine Sadolin at The British Voice Association at London.
  • Integrated Voice Therapy seminar with Elpida Koutsoubaki (1year).
  • Pevoc 13, Pan-European Voice Conference | 27th-30th August, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Webinar “Scream” with Melissa Cross.
  • 2nd seminar circle of Teaching for voice specialists with Panos Dimas.
  • My voice and me“, technique and performing seminar with Panos Dimas.
  • PEVOC 12, Pan European Voice Conference, 30Aug-1st Sep, Ghent, Belgium
  • Zen Of Screaming seminar by Melissa Cross October 17th – 18th, Stockholm, Sweden.

Pop Academy of CODARTS University for the Arts. Title: Bachelor of Music. Major in Pop singing and teaching, minor in experimental singing. Teachers: Harjo Pasveer, Simone Roerade, Brian Zalmijn.

1 year course for advanced singers at the Complete Vocal Technique Institute. Course included: “extreme”use of voice such as growlingdistortion, rattle that are often used in metal and hardcore music. Teachers: Søren Møller, Christina Kürstein Lecocq, Michelle Sanders.

  • Complete Vocal Technique master class with Cathrine Sadolin, Utrecht/The Netherlands.
  • 1st year Jazz Department at ARTEZ Conservatory of Arnhem/The Netherlands. Teachers: Jolande Geven, Ineke Van Doorn, Mieke Doeschot.
  • New Bulgarian University, Master class with Milcho Leviev and Vicky Almazidu.

Jazz lessons with Vicky Almazidu.

  • Classical Training at the Conservatory of Northern Greece. Level: 2nd Intermediate. Teacher: Marialena Panagiotopoulou.
  • Harmony Diploma from the Conservatory of Northern Greece.

Professional experience

  • Extreme Metal Vocals at Athenaeum Conservatory
  • Guest speaker for Extreme Metal Vocals at CODARTS University for the Arts, Rotterdam
  • Guest speaker for Extreme Metal Vocals at HKU Conservatory, Utrecht
  • Guest speaker for Extreme Metal Vocals the The National Conservatory of Athens
  • Guest speaker for Extreme Metal Vocals at The National Conservatory of Athens
  • Vocals for the soundtrack of 1899 Netflix TV Series
  • Original score for the movie CHARLIE by Thanasis Tsaltampasis. Together with Gavriil Gavriilidis & Vasilis Gkoritsas.
  • Vocal Teacher at Vocalis vocal school.
  • “Black Days” by The Death Beats feat. Chrysa T.
  • Backing vocals for Helena Paparizou‘ x mas song “Christougenna Xana”. | youtu.be/EWuYNZ5BiYY

Gigs with Spineless.

  • Gigs with Bella Fuzz, Petula Russ, Travel Mind Syndrome, Biotech.

  • Theatrical play “Playground” at Ilisia Volanakis Theater. Music by Chrysa Tsaltampasi and Ektoras Tsolakis.

  • Theatrical play “Love Kills”, every Monday and Tuesday at Victoria Theater. Music by Chrysa Tsaltampasi and Ektoras Tsolakis.
  • Collaboration track “All my dreams” (electro fix) with dutch producer Tim Besamusca, is featured at “Delirium” TV show starring Emma Roberts and “Star Crossed” TV show.
  • Collaboration track “Wasteland” (Radical Project remix) with dutch producer Tim Besamusca is featured at TV show “Dos Lunas”.
  • Collaboration track “Never” with Agent Greg out from Zero10records.
  • Collaboration track “Help me through” with Dj Spector.
  • Collaboration track “Reverie” with Three Way Plane.
  • Gigs with Bella Fuzz, Petula Russ and Biotech.
  • Collaboration track “All my dreams” (electro fix) with dutch producer Tim Besamusca, released by Urban Sickness Audio.
  • Bella Fuzz and Gabriel Russel co write the title song of the greek movie “Pempti kai 12”.
  • Collaboration track “Have you ever” with Chris Idh out from Zero10records.
  • Collaboration track “Last step before” with Afformance.
  • Co writing of the soundtrack of Mega Channel’s “Piso sto spiti” tv series and guest appearance as musician/actor.
  • “Sincere” and “Wasteland”, collaboration tracks with dutch producer Tim Besamusca, were used in the soundtracks of blockbuster Hollywood tv series “The secret circle” and “Beauty and the Beast”.
  • “Wasteland” was also featured as the soundtrack of “Otherland” gameplay trailer.
  • Vocal improvisations for EN ON Butoh Dance Performance by Yumiko Yioshioka performed at the Center for Contemporary Art Ileana Tounta. Music Composition by Sophia Koubli.
  • Vocal lessons at Holland and Greece.
  • Live gigs throughout Holland and Greece with NATIONAL PORNOGRAFIK και N3RSEsupporting groups like Anathema, The Gathering, Antimatter, Amorphis, Senser, Brian Welsch (x KORN) etc.
  • Guest vocalist at many greek rock, metal, electro, postrock, punk groups like Afformance, Reflection, Free Fall, Jane Doe, Savage Land, Dihasmenes Alitheies, Blank Inverse, Petula Russ, Russel etc.
  • Jazz standards and selected greek songs at “Piano Bar”, Thessaloniki.
  • English and Greek rock repertoire at “Cafe Americaine” rock stage, vocals/guitar, Thessaloniki.